Wheelchair Access Vehicles, which provide ease of physical access to wheelchair users, are made of 100% aluminum material. Models designed with engineers and expert team are mounted on the side and rear door entrances of the vehicle by acting as a ramp. With its easy and practical use, it provides easy use without spending physical effort.

Technical Specifications of Wheelchair Access Vehicles

Having a foldable and portable structure, Wheelchair Entry Vehicles enable users to enter the vehicle safely without risk, by expert engineers. The double shock absorber models are light and automatic without the need for physical power thanks to aluminum material, and they are models that can be opened and closed manually with manual use.

They are designs that will provide ease of access.

It offers light use with 100% aluminum material.

Ramp models are minimum 70 cm and maximum 100 cm.

With 220 cm elongation, it provides sidewalk, stair entry and road use.

Can be used with the ramp mounting kit.

They are tiltable, folding and detachable models.

It does not carry any risk against rusting and corrosion.

Design of Wheelchair Access Vehicles

Stainless structures made of quality aluminum profile are applied by working with an expert team for the assembly process of Wheelchair Access Vehicles. The models, which are maintenance-free and easy to use, have a carrying capacity of 350 kg. It has usable connections at 4 different points and an additional entry non-slip base.

It is suitable for minibuses, midibuses, panel vans and minivans for assembly.

It has a maximum carrying capacity of 550 kg.

They are non-slip base models.

The wheelchair is designed according to standard dimensions.

It has manual and automatic operation functions.

With its strong aluminum profile, it will provide durable use for a long time.

It has a silent opening and closing capacity.

It is easy to clean and takes up 10 to 15 cm of space when folded.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Assembly Service

For assembly services with a professional team, the measurement of the rear and side entrance areas of the vehicle model is taken. The ramp, which will be mounted according to the door length and floor thickness, is tested according to the mechanical working effects and the assembly process begins. The use of models that do not disrupt the operation in rainy and cold weather and that have safe open-close functions are provided with quality materials.

According to the minivan and panel van models, the ramp dimensions will be taken and the assembly process will be carried out, taking into account the ease of access, safe and easy use will be aimed. Models, whose technical specifications and width capacity vary between 70 cm and 100 cm depending on the vehicle dimensions, are mounted in such a way that they reach a maximum depth of 15 cm when folded.

Portable Vehicle Ramp Models

Portable models work completely manually as opening and closing models. The width and length dimensions designed according to vehicle brands and models are also adjusted according to the places of use. Aiming to have a minimum weight of 10 kg and a maximum of 15 kg, it is offered in foldable dimensions with millimetric height adjustment.

lock mechanism

Models with 2 shock absorbers

2-fold and 3-fold models

H-type ground contact models

Wheeled collapsible models

It will be designed according to usage conditions and vehicle model. By keeping lightness in the foreground with modern designs, it is ensured that the user can adjust the practical opening and closing functions in the best way, to form a locked back and side panel.

Vehicle Rear Ramp Models

Wheelchair Entrance Vehicles, which will be mounted on the back of the vehicle in minivan and panel van models, and minibus models, are especially designed with the aim of easy and practical use. Thanks to the aluminum material, practical opening and closing is provided.

A controlled area is created for wheelchair entrances and exits by placing a ramp for Wheelchair Entry Vehicles at the rear. There is a non-slip floor and side tire protection section on the “H type” road. Models that take precautions against slips and falls are offered as practical opening and closing models.

Vehicle Side Ramp Models

Although not preferred in Turkey, they are suitable models for Wheelchair Entry Vehicles made from the side entrance area used in sliding door systems. They are ramp models that will minimize the height and allow easy passage into the vehicle.

Since the ramp folding level is at the same level as the rear panel entry, the seat is removed. In order not to restrict the transition area, the ramp is designed to be at least 15 cm thick at the minimum level to the floor area. Cancan Auto supports you in assembly operations with reasonable price and expert team service.