The VIP design service, which pushes the limits of special design for minivan and panel van vehicle models, will provide a comfortable vehicle use that will recreate the interior design of your vehicle. It will be enough to be ready for a comfortable journey with VIP features that will create a special appearance and usage area for your corporate vehicles and company vehicles.

Many comfortable features will be added, from the use of seats to your vehicles with large interior capacity, to cabinet additions to meet your in-car needs. This service, which is a wonder of interior and exterior design, will make you special by adding special innovations to the wide live appearance of minivan and panel van vehicles. It will open the doors of a comfortable use with an aesthetic interior design on long journeys and city trips to you as well as to your guests. In this service, where all the necessary additions will be made for vehicle colour, interior trim, light and sound system and the use of digital screen, all information technologies that will recreate your vehicle will be fulfilled with the help of special expert consultancy.

interior upholstery

In-vehicle sound, light and video equipment

Fabric, curtain and beverage service equipment

vehicle exterior design

Door and window design

Automatic door and ladder

Custom Design Services

The VIP design service, which will make your vehicle different, includes a useful approach as well as an aesthetic appearance. In this service, where automatic usage add-ons will be added, beverage service equipment in the vehicle, stairs and handrails in front of the door will also be added to your vehicle. These comprehensive designs, which will make your special guests feel different and important, will leave a comfort effect on your vehicles by taking advantage of all the possibilities of technology.

With special designs, color, light and display systems, the usage areas of your vehicle will be expanded with an innovative approach, and the features of the trunk and side door usage areas will be brought together with technology.

Minivan VIP Design Service

With designs in progress for light commercial vehicles, you can turn them into a great corporate vehicle. With the Minivan VIP design service, we ensure that your vehicle is ready for a new effect according to its dimensions and features. Within the scope of this service, interior and exterior designs will be made, interior trim and the color and technological features of your vehicle will be completely renewed. With this service that will be provided for you, your vehicle will be created from scratch. With the help of an informatics expert, which will enable the addition of light, sound and visual systems, an innovative appearance effect will be left with another aesthetic touch specific to your vehicle. You can work with us for long-term use and designs that will add value to your vehicle.

Minivan Panel Van VIP Design Service

In our VIP design service, which will provide your vehicle with a new and aesthetic appearance, new designs will be made for minivan panel van vehicles. Our design service, which will be provided in line with your supply and demands, especially for seats, glass and interior furnishings, is offered with both technological and aesthetic content.

In this service, which will be provided with a professional team and quality equipment, you can trust us for car upholstery, coloring and redesign, and you can be sure that we will add value to your vehicle. For a professional and innovative approach, you can deliver your cars to us and have them renewed.

Design Service

The aesthetic touches that will make a difference in the interior design of your vehicle will also create an ideal environment for comfortable use. In addition to a quality and modern look, all technological equipment that will enable you to carry home comfort to your vehicle will be added, and the latest technology innovations that will make you feel special together with visual, cooling and heating systems will be brought together with your vehicle.

CanCan VIP Design

It has a large design capacity for long-distance vehicles, buses and minibuses as well as minivans and panel vans. CanCan auto design, which will enable your cars to meet with VIP design service, will make you different and bring your vehicles together with the latest technology and architectural service. To benefit from this architectural effect that will make you and your vehicle feel special, you can contact us and recreate your vehicle.