School bus design is the arrangement of vehicles used as a service and whose purpose is to transport students from one place to another in accordance with standards. Since students are transported collectively, certain safety and other aspects must comply with the standards in school buses. For this reason, it is necessary to rearrange the vehicles by people who know the job.

School Bus Interior Design

There are certain processes applied when designing the interior of the school bus. These processes applied when designing a school bus;

The seats and interior surfaces of school vehicles are thoroughly cleaned. Then the broken or damaged parts of the seats, if any, are repaired. Seats are replaced when necessary.

The selected new covers of the seats are placed on the seats. Care should be taken to ensure that the covers are sturdy.

Make sure every seat has a seat belt. This criterion is taken care of so that the school bus is safe.

Seats can be relocated or new seats can be added. In some school buses, the seats are removed and an area suitable for standing or walking is opened.

School Bus Exterior Design

There are certain processes applied when designing the exterior of the school bus. Important points are taken into consideration while performing these operations. In the exterior design of the school bus;

Problems such as scratches, dents, dents and paint peeling on the outside of the bus are fixed. After this correction, the service is painted completely white.

Necessary stop behind the bus, school bus signs are attached. After that, if desired, the school’s logo, name or slogan can be pasted on the vehicle.

At any time, interesting pictures, advertisements and banners can be attached to the vehicle. However, this picture, advertisement or poster should be suitable for the school.

To ensure security, iron bars or similar products are installed outside certain windows.

What Is Considered While Designing a School Bus?

School vehicles are one of the vehicles that contain many students. Therefore, there are many criteria to be considered. While designing the school bus;

The design must comply with the safety rules. For this reason, companies with experience and relevant details should be preferred when designing.

The design should be useful. It should be designed in such a way that students can easily move and use it.

The design bus must have the criteria and standards that it should have.

Desires and wishes of the person who wants the design to be made are realized in a way that does not break the standards. If the person’s request is a request that will break the standards, it is implemented in different ways.

It should be in accordance with the latest technology, taking into account the vehicle technologies.

Why is School Bus Design Necessary?

Even vehicles that appear to be suitable for a school bus cannot be used directly as a school bus. The reason for this is that there are criteria that school vehicles must have. With the design of the school bus, the necessary standards are brought to the vehicles. Thus, it is ensured that the vehicles are used for the school bus. Since undesigned vehicles will not be suitable for use, designs must be made by people who know the standards.

If we want to summarize briefly, the realization of the school bus design will enable the vehicle to be used as a school bus. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use your vehicle as a school bus.

Criteria that School Vehicles Should Have

With the school bus design, the standards that the vehicles should have are gained. If we summarize these standards;

Seats should have spaces that students can easily use. Also, their height should not be too low or too high.

Each seat must have its own seat belt. Seat belts must be in working order.

There should be corresponding stop and school bus signs at the back of the bus. These signs must be installed in the appropriate areas specified.

The windows must have the necessary safety. In addition, unsafe conditions in the vehicle should be removed.

Safety in School Vehicles

There are safety measures that should be in school vehicles. Vehicles without these precautions will create a dangerous situation for many students. These safety measures, organized in conjunction with the school bus design:

In order to prevent unsafe situations in traffic, such as students hanging out of the window or removing a limb, iron bars or similar protective items should be installed on the openable windows.

Doors should be automatic and have sensors to prevent situations such as jamming. In addition, the operation of the doors should be smooth and without any hitches.

Seats used by students must be solid. Every seat must have a working seat belt.In order to prevent the vehicle from external impacts and to warn other drivers.